Legacy Construction Management, Inc. has been selected as Construction Manager/General Contractor for the Highland Public School District in Highland, Arkansas. We are asking for subcontractors and suppliers to bid a project that includes a classroom addition/remodel at the Middle School.

Architect: Architecture Plus, Inc.

907 S. 21st Street

Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901 Office: 479-783-8395

Bid Date: August 22, 2019

Bid Time: 12:00 PM Central Time (noon)

Bid Packages:

Pre-Bid Walk Thru Date: August 06, 2019

Pre-Bid Walk Thru Time: 2:00 PM Central Time Pre-Bid attendance is voluntary.

#1 Earthwork

#2 Landscaping

#3 Concrete

#4 Masonry

#5 Structural Steel & MiscMetals

#6 Millwork

#7 Damp Proofing

#8 Doors, Frames, Hardware 

#9 MiscInstallation

#10 Glass &Glazing

#11 Drywall Rough Carpentry

#12 Flooring

#13 Epoxy Flooring

#14 Paint

#15 Specialties

#16 Window Treatments

#17 PEMBMaterial

#18 PEMBErection

#19 PEMB Insulation

#20 Plumbing

#21 HVAC

#22 Electrical

Bids shall be addressed to: 

Highland Public School District Middle SchoolAddition/Remodel

c/o Legacy Construction Management, Inc. 1627 Highway 62/412

Highland, Arkansas 72542

Clearly identify the outside of the sealed envelope with the company name, trade package and title, opening date and time.

Bids will be privately opened at the time listed above at the Highland Public School District Administration Office, 1627 Highway 62/412, Highland, Arkansas 72542 . All Bid Packages must be bid complete. No exclusions or clarifications to the bid packages will be acknowledged.

Please note the following:

  • The subcontractor and/or supplier must use the bid form given in the Summary of Work section 011000. The bid form must be filled out completely. No exclusions or qualifications will be accepted.
  • Subcontractors bids which exceed $50,000.00 per A.C.A 17-25-506 must have current Arkansas Contractors License #, per Act 142 of 1967, amended by Act 293 of 1969, Act 397 of 1971, and Act 546 of 1971, as enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas. This license number must be filled in on the bid form.
  • Subcontractor bid proposals which exceed $50,000.00 must be accompanied by a Bid Bondor cashiers’ check in the amount of 5% of the associated bid.
  • Subcontractor bids exceeding $50,000.00 must include the premium cost to provide a Performance & Payment Bond. (Under alternate “A” on the bid form)
  • All bids exceeding $50,000.00 shall include a notarized statement attached to their bid proposal affirming that the bidder has not been involved in any collusion with other bidders or public officials with regard to price or terms of a prospective contract in accordance with Act 2161 of2005.
  • All subcontractors and suppliers must conform to the Summary of Worksection 011000.
  • All General Conditions and Supplementary Conditions are located in the project manual.
  • All bidders who will be responsible for trenching, excavating and backfilling must adhere and recognize the soils report given in the project manual.
  • Refer to Summary of Work section for all trade packages, subcontract and supplier bid forms, sample subcontract and purchase orders, and sample Legacy Construction Management, Inc. Insurance Certificate.
  • All bids received after the assigned bid date and time, will not be considered and WILL BE RETURNED unopened to the company who submitted it. Bids submitted via facsimile will not be considered.
  • Review all alternates, either deductive or additive, in regards to bid documents or as requested on the bid packages specific to the trade you are bidding. These alternates may be used in assessing the lowest qualified bidder.
  • All subcontractors and/ or suppliers are required to fill out, and include with their sealed bids, the “Bidder Assurance and Disclosure Form”. No bids will be accepted unless this form is included.

The bid documents may be obtained at the following location:

Any Southern Reprographics location or by emailing klindabury@legacy-const.comfor link to drawings.

The Construction Manager and/or owner reserve the right to waive any formality, or to reject any and all bids per A.C.A § 22-9-203 and Act 1193 of 1997.